South Pasadena Beautiful

Educating individuals and businesses in sustainability practices for the well-being of our community.

The removal of some beautiful trees on Milan Avenue was the act that set the founders into motion in 1965.  So it is not surprising that the planting and preservation of trees has been a continuing interest and concern of South Pasadena Beautiful. 

The founding officers and pioneers of South Pasadena Beautiful were the ones who planted the seed that was to grow into an active, totally volunteer organization – dedicated to the belief that pride of community should be promoted, that existing beauty should be recognized and preserved, and that unsightly areas should be dealt with promptly, the hardest goal of all. These founders believed that all this could be accomplished through a volunteer organization which would draw its membership from the people who cared…the community itself.  They were right.  Those original four officers and a small committee has grown into a board of directors numbering 20 and a general membership of over 200. 

South Pasadena Beautiful is an all-volunteer 501c3 non-profit organization, founded in 1965 for the purpose of:     

  • Organizing and pursuing projects for the improvement of the City of South Pasadena
  • Leading sustainability practices in our community
  • Encouraging pride and engagement of community
  • Recognizing and preserving existing beauty
  • Promoting the improvement of unsightly areas

To achieve these goals, SPB works in cooperation with many agencies, including governmental, volunteer, philanthropic and educational organizations.

We are proud to partner with our community to pursue sustainable beautification projects in the City of South Pasadena.

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