Elili Brown Photography

Engagement and boudoir photographer

“I am obsessed with love and think it is one of the most beautiful things the world has to offer. The adoration and mesmerizing gaze between two people in-love is transcendental. There is nothing more powerful than having someone to go through life’s struggles with you,” says engagement photographer, Elili Brown. “If you can trust anyone to help you relax in front of the camera so your engagement photographs are natural and not stiff, I am your woman.”

Elili is dedicated to creating art that depicts the beauty, essence, and joy between her clients. She strives for intimate, passionate, and captivating imagery. Her niche? Engagements and boudoir.

With each and every engaged couple she works with, Elili provides detailed, individualized guidance to help clients choose the perfect location in Los Angeles or Pasadena. She will hold your hand through this process to ensure you get stunning engagement photographs that encapsulate your relationship. After the session, she individually retouches every photograph to ensure they are nothing short of perfect Photographs will range from the serious moments where you’re gazing into each others eyes to the goofy moments, showing how you fit together like puzzles pieces.

Find Elili Brown Photography:
(626) 788 3798

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