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WISPPA’s purpose is to push for accountability, integrity, and transparency in South Pasadena government, and to actively encourage strong, well-qualified candidates, and especially women, to run for City Council and to serve on  City Commissions.  

WISPPA also seeks to offer opinions and advocate for positions concerning the well-being of the City of South Pasadena, and to provide information to the electorate regarding City Council candidates and city issues.

Although WISPPA works to encourage women to run for local office, it  does not endorse, support or oppose any specific candidate.  

Join WISPPA for only $50/year:
We started as a women’s group, but everyone is welcome to join! Your dues help strengthen an organization that is committed to transparency in the political workings of South Pasadena. When we speak as a group on issues of local importance, local and state officials listen. Click here to join and learn more.

Why Join?
If you are a resident of South Pasadena or nearby areas who likes to be “in the know” about issues of local importance, you have come to the right place. We are a group of about 80 concerned citizens who work to keep our city informed about local politics and other matters that affect our daily lives—from housing development, to schools, streets and infrastructure projects & public safety. 

Among our members are many elected officials, artists, influencers, educators, parent activists and business owners who are committed to working together to keep South Pasadena a great place to live. Sometimes this means taking on state legislation such as the loophole for massage parlors that we helped close. Sometimes it just means informing as many people as possible about what is coming up at a City Council meeting, or digging into the background of a long-simmering construction project.

We are nonpartisan but definitely not uninvolved. In addition to occasional Saturday morning meetings which are part coffee klatch and part political salon where we get to ask questions of movers and shakers who are integral to what is happening in our city right now, we hold online forums on pressing issues facing the city. 

Although, we don’t endorse particular candidates, we believe in an informed and engaged electorate. We encourage qualified candidates, especially women, to develop their leadership skills and run for office. To that end, we publish up-to-date information about openings on city commissions and promote election forums.

Lastly, we also keep a finger on the pulse of what is happening in town with a weekly newsletter containing comprehensive calendar & events list, important city information and website links, issues page, etc.  

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