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OLIO.FIT is the brainchild of six-time national competitive figure skating medalist, movie stunt double, TV personality, and certified master trainer, Ethan Burgess. A certified expert in strength and conditioning with years of experience training thousands of people of all ages, backgrounds, and experience levels – from newbies to Olympic athletes – Ethan’s OLIO.FIT programs are a unique synergy of his storied career and professional practice. 

You may have seen his physical prowess in Blades of Glory as Jon Heder’s stunt double, or on Skating with the Stars, where he and partner Bethenny Frankel finished as finalists. Ethan knows firsthand how to build strength and the capabilities needed to meet the most demanding of circumstances. As an industry leader as a strength and conditioning director, coach, and elite athlete, he prioritizes customizing his each client’s training experience for maximum results!

Ethan’s unique training philosophy infuses his advanced training methods with world-class sports psychology. “It’s not just how you train, but the mindset you have in order to maintain motivation,” he says. He focuses on training each client as a whole person, systematically building you up to increase real world strength and improved capabilities – in sports or in life!

How To Get Started:

  • Fill out a short online survey
  • Schedule a quick intake call
  • Ethan will get you all setup!

Here’s What To Expect:

  • A long-term personalized plan
  • 3 different, effective workouts each week
  • Accessible on your phone, tablet or computer
  • Step by step video instruction

Sustain Long Term:

  • The program adapts with you
  • Ethan tracks your progress with full support
  • He will help you stay accountable
  • Each 90 days you start a new ‘season’

Find Olio.Fit:
(323) 763-0092

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