MyKkids – South Pasadena

MyKkids is a Christian nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes. Our aim is to take the children’s unique needs into consideration as well as the families needs. We will love, respect, and help him/her grow spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

We will present a planned, organized approach to provide a beneficial and educational experience.  As well as staff trained for the needs of today’s children, with appropriate ongoing education and certification for all staff. Although a Christian daycare we are completely inclusive for all children and families. We further our purposes under this program by conducting the following activities:

After-School Childcare/Preschool/Pre-kindergarten:
We will provide quality Christian Childcare / daycare.  A chaplain will be provided for chapel activities and or family counseling if elected. Our chaplain has a Juris Doctor and a Masters of Divinity, with an emphasis on spiritual care with over twenty years of ministerial experience. Our philosophy of childcare is for the health and wholeness of children and their families. Nutritious meals and snacks are provided as well as fun and educational play throughout the day. The staff is qualified and dedicated to the children they serve and educate.

We are committed to the well-being of families and children in whatever size or shape they come in. We provide a safe, caring environment where children can learn to play outside, cooperate with each other, respect each other while having fun. Positive play interaction with the teachers, and staff helpers can help formulate leadership skills as well as build their self-esteem.

The trained teachers/ staff aids administer this program. Parent volunteers will be invited to participate on special occasions, and to organize events as appropriate.   Through the successful execution of our program, we further our charitable purposes.

MyKkids emerged from the “Kinesthetic” idea, which means the awareness of one’s self, within their spatial relationship through motion. The “K” is also for “Kingdom” kids, or the children of God.  Both happen where “Kids” are the people doing the action, for themselves and others.   Movement and motor experiences are crucial to human development, MyKkids basis itself on sensory experiences. As children move, they learn. MyKkids, Kingdom and Kinesthetic curriculum is specifically designed to use the natural environment as a pathway to learn. Children at MyKkids will learn through these types of models of play.

MyKkids was formerly known as SP Kinesthetic Kids, a program which was based on a concept created by Douglas Klaif. The original program started in 1999 in a small building on Meridian, in South Pasadena.  In 2001, Kinesthetic moved to the United Methodist Church grounds, located at 699 Monterey Road, where it resided until the creation of MyKkids January 1, 2019. MyKkids is a Christian Non-Profit committed to helping the children and families of South Pasadena, emotionally, developmentally and spiritually.  MyKkids continues to service children from the ages 2 1/2 years (Preschool) through 12 years of age (After-school).

We are currently OPEN to support all families with all day enrollment options for Preschool & School-Age children with distance learning support. We are CDC/ DPH Covid-19 compliant and our practices have been reviewed by the California Community Care Licensing Division to ensure the safety of children and staff at our facility. Call to enroll today!

Find them at:
1507 Garfield Ave South Pasadena, Ca 91030
(323) 258-3690
Mon-Fri 7am to 7pm

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