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Mobi-Fit is an Athletic and Functional Training and fitness delivery system. We are designed to deliver progressive health and fitness training programs to the individual and neighborhoods by way of our mobile fleet. We are prepared and outfitted with essential fitness equipment and an experienced, certified instructor. Everything you need to help you meet your health and fitness goals is here. Safely, sustainably, and conveniently!

2020 has impacted everyone on this planet in more ways than we have experienced or can possibly imagine. One very obvious and significant way is, health. We live in a society where acquiring and maintaining good health is a challenge. Aside from poor dieting, the opportunities for healthy activity are also few and far between. Many people are unable to commute to the gym or to their personal trainer’s facilities after work, and a lunch break is too short for commuting to the gym to pack in a quick set, comfortably and safely! Mobi-fit intends to deal with and possibly heal this problem.

In 2020, The Mobile Fitness Company was born! A system that is able to offer training outdoors with all of the proper equipment and qualifications to deliver a safe and effective regime. Our vehicles are equipped with an educated and experienced instructor, gear that can deliver weight, resistance, endurance, and core exercises effectively! We have WiFi to deliver virtual training wherever we are and GPS tracking for customer convenience. We have taken the initiative and created more than just exercise programs. We aim to help our clients, our society, and the people of our city with stress management through our Lifestyle programs.

Our brand and services are designed to be accessible to anyone that is serious about their health goals and improving their quality of life. Our training and delivery system is sustainable, in that it is beneficial to our environment and our customers.

Mobi-fit operates with strict guidelines to aide in the prevention of spreading disease and the Covid-19 virus. We practice safe and proven training techniques and provide easy access to training and required equipment. We have flexible training schedules and competitive training packages. With our knowledge and experience, we will help you achieve your health and physique goals safely and in a timely manner.

We would like you to enjoy the benefits of our training and membership at Mobi-Fit and achieve your goals wherever you are. Train with us online or meet “Mobi” at the neighborhood park, our private studio, or at your own location. Our flexible scheduling and diverse range of training services will help you sustain good training habits and good health. We (you, the client, and I, the trainer-Mobi-Fit) become better and stronger when we are accountable. All training packages, memberships, rentals and services are accompanied with respective accountability disclosures.

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We offer:

Athletic and functional training

Private Personal Training

Group Training

Lifestyle Training

Equipment Rentals

Virtual Training

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(323) 380-8877

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