ART / WORK / PLACE’s mission is to provide art education that uniquely exceeds any other arts program available.

art/work/place is building an exciting hub of art education responding to the individual talents of each student and centered around a curriculum that teaches fundamentals while encouraging creativity.

We champion the philosophy of “Work hard, Play hard” by providing students a strong foundation of fine art principles while encouraging their creativity. We pledge to deliver you a high quality experience that doesn’t end with education but spans convenience, customer service, and community development.  

Students are provided a strong foundation of fine art principles while encouraging their creativity. Programs are crafted for specific age groups:

  • “Mini Makers 3-5” introduces students to new materials, imaginative art projects and creative activities through a blend of group activities and individual exploration. 
  • “Youth One 6-8” encourages your child to think like an artist while exploring materials and methods. The focus is on progress and creativity, not perfection. 
  • “Youth Two 9-18” is customizable and is broken down into five sections: Study, Explore, Create, Observe, and Imagine. Each section represents an important aspect of fine art training. When students begin classes, they start a journey that not only builds skills, but also introduce possibilities. 

All of our instructors are academically trained, degreed, and active artists with a passion for teaching.

Find them at:

1414 Fair Oaks Avenue, Suite 1B, South Pasadena, CA, 91030
(626) 578-5626

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