WinC Services

Providing IT services to local businesses to operate more efficiently

Pronounced “wink,” WinC Services provides IT services to the masses with a helpful, human approach. Founder Chris Nguyen established WinC to help consumers and businesses who lack specialized IT staff run their businesses smoothly. Nguyen has worked in a variety of settings – from small start-ups to large corporations – and has developed a deep understanding of information technology in enterprise appliances and software.

With more people working from home and the expansion of small businesses, there has never been a greater demand for effective IT professionals. WinC strives to be client-centric while also providing excellent professional services. The company works to establish a welcoming and positive environment for clients to share ideas, projects, feedback, and everything in between.

Services At A Glance…

IT Support

WinC provides 24/7 IT Support by phone or email.

  1. Your Own IT Support Team
  2. Monitoring Devices
  3. Hardware & Software Assistance

IT Solutions

  1. Wireless/Network
  2. Firewalls/Security
  3. Surveillance Systems
  4. Cloud Migration
  5. Office Buildout
  6. Smart Devices

Web Services

  1. Graphic Design
  2. Web Develoment
  3. Web Integrations

Managed Solutions

  1. Microsoft 365
  2. Google Workspace
  3. Web Hosting

How can WinC help your business? Schedule a free, no obligation consultation now by calling (657) 271-7934.

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