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Take the Stress Out of Your Commercial Real Estate Needs

Relieve your stress of commercial real estate transactions. Tolj is the expert you can trust for any type of commercial property that you need to sell or lease. Tolj Commercial’s goal is to help you achieve your desired results.

For over 17 years, Founder Mike Tolj has been successfully helping his clients achieve their real estate goals. Whether it is representing a large commercial tenant or searching for office space, he will work tirelessly to ensure the transaction goes as smoothly and quickly without any bumps in the road. He always puts his client’s best interest first and foremost which makes him an expert with all aspects of commercial real estate-related transactions; providing them peace of mind that comes only from knowing you’ve hired somebody who knows what they’re doing at every turn.

Tolj Commercial’s specializations include:

Landlord Representation:
Do you want to maximize the value of your investment and attract the best tenants for your property? Tolj provides landlord representation services that will enhance the value of your assets by maximizing rental income and minimizing vacancy rates. The team is made up of experienced professionals who know how to get results.

Seller Representation:

Do you have a commercial or industrial property that you’re thinking about selling? If so, then it may be time to consider seller representation services. Tolj’s team of experts can help guide you through the process and ensure your success. They know how overwhelming this decision can seem, which is why they provide guidance every step of the way. With their extensive resources and industry experience, they will attract only the most qualified buyers for your property.

Tenant Representation:

Tolj understands the importance of finding the right space for your business. With over 17 years of experience in tenant representation and buyer brokerage, they will help you find the perfect location – at the perfect price. The team’s local market knowledge provides an edge on the competition and allows you to get into that great space before someone else does! Tolj is the retail tenant representation services company that you can trust.

Buyer Representation

Tolj’s team of qualified real estate professionals will help buyers find the right location at the right price, which can reduce operational costs and increase their profits. Not only do they negotiate to save you time and money, but they also take care of the details so you don’t have to.

Rental Market Analysis

If you’re looking for comprehensive rental market analysis, you’ve come to the right place. Tolj’s experts will take a look at all the important factors that influence rent prices in your area, and give you a detailed report that can help you make smart investment decisions. The goal here is to help you make the best possible return on investment when it comes to renting out your property.

There are many approaches that we can take to determine the value of a rental property. The most common are:

  • Cost Approach: This approach estimates the value of a property by estimating how much it would cost to replace it. It takes into account the purchase price of the land, the cost of construction, and any depreciation that has taken place.
  • Comparative Approach: This approach uses the sales prices of similar properties to estimate the value of a home.
  • Income Approach: This approach estimates the market value of an income property by assuming that its worth is equal to the present value of future benefits (including rental income and potential resale profits).

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