Stanislawski & Company, Inc.

Changing lives one accounting client at a time…

There’s a reason why we are called “accountants.”  It’s not just about tax returns, tax compliance, and tax planning.  It’s about being held “accountable” for keeping your wealth in your hands.  Our work must be both science and art.  It requires a vast understanding of policy and the creativity to transform liability into asset.  Trust planning requires top to bottom trust.  Assurance services require assurances of consummate integrity.  Small business tax strategy requires big picture execution. 

From South Pasadena to Palm Springs, Los Angeles to Laguna Beach, San Diego to San Francisco, throughout the great state of California and beyond, every Stanislawski & Company client receives world-class tax and business management services.  No gimmicks.  No lofty claims.  No running on about awards and special recognition.  Just exceptional results.  And lots of them.  Generation after generation.

The Difference:

  • An unwavering commitment to establishing lasting relationships.
  • A deep understanding of each client’s personal and professional goals.
  • Essential knowledge about the communities in which clients work and live.
  • A relentless desire to provide MORE value than any client would expect.
  • Vast technical understanding of tax codes, economic trends.  
  • An unquenchable thirst to learn, to succeed where others have not.

High net worth clients work hard to sustain wealth.  We work hard to increase it.  

Accounting is not simply about taxes.  Or asset protection.  Or risk reduction.  Or estate planning.  Or succession planning. 

Accounting is about RELATIONSHIPS.  And we know a thing or two about relationships.  After all, our firm has helped high net worth clients since 1961.

I was fortunate to be born and raised in the remarkable city of Pasadena, CA where I continue to live with my my wife and three daughters.  I am also fortunate to preside over an enduring business in this greater Los Angeles community, one of the world’s most competitive markets and one in which I am deeply invested, personally and professionally.   

It is because of the unique relationships that this firm has established with business owners and families over generations that I understand the language of accountability, of sustainability, of community.  And so does every Stanislawski & Company team member. 

Thousands of CPA firms in the region illustrate a range of technical skills, describe a depth of resources, even highlight their “Best Of” accolades.  But we chose a different path… to outwork anyone and everyone. 

Our team logs 12, 14, 16-hour days to leverage hardly known loopholes or transform complex tax policy into a win-win for your company, your family, your future.  We are happy when assets are secure, risks eliminated, gains maximized.  But we are never satisfied unless you see exceptional returns year over year over year. 


  • MORE than five decades of tax and financial consulting.
  • MORE than 100 years of experience among our top three executives.
  • MORE than 20,000 business and individual clients in CA and the U.S.
  • MORE than 50 industries served (from entertainment to healthcare, technology to finance, real estate to retail).
  • MORE than $10 million dollars saved through exclusive tax planning and cost reduction strategies, year over year. VERIFY!!!

Find them at:
729 Mission St. Suite 100 South Pasadena, CA 91030

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