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Spruced and Styled Home was born from Jasmine Megrabyan’s passion to organize spaces within a home to perform functionally, while also looking fabulous! 

No one likes to walk into a home that is cluttered, cramped, and feels chaotic. This usually has little to do with a lack of space within the home, but rather one’s a lack of time and lack of desire to organize room by room.

Jasmine was inspired to start this business because she knew of a million things most people would rather be doing than reorganize their kitchen cupboards, pantry space, home office, bathroom drawers, or closets. She wanted to enable clients to create welcoming spaces within their home that invoke a feeling of calm while also establishing true function and flow. Spruced and Styled Home specializes in just this: implementing sustainable solutions to fit clients’ needs by creating a streamlined, stylish, natural flow to home spaces.

Whether her clients are moving into a new home, looking for a full transformation of their existing home, or just need the finesse of a professional with some finishing touches, Spruced and Styled offers an array of personalized services to meet clients’ every need. 

To schedule a complementary in-home consultation, click here: https://www.sprucedandstyledhome.com/consultation
Or, connect via phone: 818-919-0052.

“Whether it is the gathering hub for friends and family, or your sacred space to retreat to after a busy day, your home should reflect your uniqueness and lifestyle.” – Jasmine Megrabyan, Owner

Find Spruced and Styled Home:
100 N. Brand Blvd., Suite 213 Glendale, CA 91203
Mobile: 818-919-0052

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