Lagerlof, LLP

Leading the way in strategic support.

Lagerlof, LLP is the largest firm in Pasadena. With 113 years of experience satisfying clients, we are leading the market in strategic support. We are a team of trusted legal advisors on a mission to provide every client with clarity and understanding to succeed in a complex world. Lagerlof, LLP stands for innovation tempered with practicality, for thoroughness countered with common sense, and above all else, for impeccable integrity.

With a history dating back 113 years, we take great pride in where our firm began. In the merge of the three firms, the core value has stayed the same, strive to be a trusted long-term advisor to multiple generations of families, not just an attorney. The concept of team has also remained a strong pillar in the firm’s structure, as we continue to provide as many resources as necessary for matters that need it and work together in each client’s best interest. 

Through the years, many of our partners have devoted their entire professional career to our firm. In fact, a key to our success lies in the fact that there has always been at least one active partner with significant longevity to ensure consistency and stability over the years. As we continue to move forward our firm is committed to adapting new technologies and resources to create a versatile experience that meets the need of every client.

Serving public agencies, businesses, families, and individuals.

Services include:

Estate Planning

Corporate & Tax

Family Law

Elder Law


Intellectual Property


Private Fiduciary

Public Agency

Real Estate

Banking & Financial Services


Find them at:
(626) 793-9400
155 N Lake Ave. 11th Floor Pasadena, CA 91101

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