Harvest Architecture

Honoring the past and pulling it forward

Since 2002, Harvest Architecture has worked with discerning clients and contractors who share the firm’s commitment to historic structures and modern living. Finding a house’s true voice and marrying it with the voice of those who will inhabit it is at the forefront of each project. Whether the team is restoring a classic home to its true self, or creating a new environment that harmonizes with what came before…

“To us, this process is an adventure. One we relish. While we take our work seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. When it makes sense for our clients, for example, a kid’s room may include a hideout or secret passageway. In this way and others, we achieve sustainability and livability. This is architecture for real life.”

The firm’s approach is organic, as in fundamental. Each element, each person, is integral to the whole. The team firmly believes in never trying to change clients or make them or their home something they are not. They listen—deeply. And in the listening, they gather who their clients are and how they envision their most authentic life.

Services At A Glance…


A feasibility study evaluates the potential of several different design directions – essentially an architectural design “sample platter.” Harvest recommends this approach when clients are still undecided about project scope and/or budget. The schematic floor plans and 3-D models from this phase are used to create preliminary Budget Bids, which are useful for making financial assessments.


The team will walk the site, discuss the client’s needs and wants as a potential client, along with offering general design advice. These services include conducting initial government agency research into Development Standards, as well as the property’s permit history. This initial meeting will set up a prospective client to succeed by putting their best, well-informed foot forward, whether or not they ultimately choose to hire Harvest.


Harvest’s full scope of services includes all of the steps in the On-site Consultation and Feasibility Study, along with the additional phases of Design Development, City Submittal, Bidding & Negotiation and Construction Administration. These comprehensive services provide for every element and checkpoint necessary to design and construct the project.

The team coordinates and spearheads the bidding process between contractors for clients, as well as navigating the potentially murky waters of the City Submittal Process. Harvest’s Construction Administration phase puts the team on the job site every few weeks as they work with the General Contractor to guide the best decisions if any adjustments need to happen along the way. In addition, they ensure that construction is adhering to the original design intent, giving clients added peace of mind.


Whether a client’s Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is attached, detached, a garage conversion or a second-story addition, Harvest will tailor their full scope of services to the client’s specific needs. Whether the goal is an extra living space for guests or the opportunity to have short- or long-term tenants, the team can help design and construct an ideal ADU.

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