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We are an independent investment advisory firm in Pasadena, California, serving clients that include successful business owners, entrepreneurs and C-suite executives. Our exceptional team brings a depth and breadth of financial services experience that goes well beyond portfolio management, encompassing everything from lending, real estate, retirement plans and business consulting to insurance, trusts and philanthropic giving.

FINANCIAL PLANNING: We begin by identifying your goals and priorities, analyzing your cash inflow and outflow and evaluating your health costs and longevity to determine your Personal Index. We then assess your risk tolerance, tax profile and insurance situation to determine whether the plan is achievable. If it is not, we will recommend expense and savings adjustments. Your plan is reviewed and updated on an annual basis.

PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT:  Given your Personal Index and risk tolerance, we seek to determine an appropriate asset allocation. We then diversify your securities portfolio, analyze, compare and contrast investments, rebalance to stay within your target allocation, monitor technical trends to manage market risk, dollar-cost-average new money and harvest tax losses.

REAL ESTATE SERVICES: Our comprehensive services include reviewing and evaluating your real estate holdings. Analyzing the economics of rental properties you are considering buying. Sourcing real estate investment opportunities. Advising you on price to pay or rent to charge. Advising you on optimal leverage to incur on specific property. Shopping for an attractive loan. And referring you to property management companies.

BUSINESS CONSULTING SERVICES: We review and evaluate your legal and corporate structure. Analyze your costs and compare with industry peers. Refer potential new clients. Refinance commercial debt and improve capital structure. Help evaluate a potential acquisition. Point out potential tax strategies. Prepare your company for a sale, and find and negotiate with buyer.

RETIREMENT COUNSELING: 2-5 years prior to retirement, we run through a pre-retirement checklist, including estimating income from 401(k), pension and social security, locking in mortgage, insurance and healthcare costs, advising on potential Roth conversion or lump-sum distributions and identifying your bucket list goals.

CARE AND SUPPORT:  We provide emotional support and guidance during periods of market turbulence or market exuberance. We assist you in making financial decisions during difficult times (illness, divorce, job loss). Help you solve family or business problems. Give you comfort and assurances that your spouse or children will be taken care of if you are suddenly gone.

TRUST & ESTATE PLANNING: We review your estate plan and trust documents with your Estate Attorney to make sure they are still up to date and match your current expectations. We also update you on the impact of new inheritance tax laws. Act as a neutral advocate to help discuss or disclose your Will and Last Testament at a family gathering.  And help manage the inheritance process on both the giving and receiving end.

INSURANCE REVIEW:  We evaluate your overall insurance coverage, including life, disability, long-term care, umbrella, property and auto insurance, and look for opportunities to improve your benefits or lower your premiums. We also order in-force illustrations of your whole life or annuity policies to make sure they are performing as expected.

TAX PLANNING:  We update you on new tax planning strategies. Put together a tax-reporting package for your CPA. Evaluate investment vehicles for their tax efficiency. Harvest capital losses when appropriate. Toggle distributions between taxable and non-taxable accounts to remain within a lower tax bracket. And make charitable gifts of appreciated securities instead of cash.

LIABILITY AND LIQUIDITY MANAGEMENT: We review and analyze your various loans to see if their structure or pricing can be improved. Shop your mortgage among various banks to get the best terms. And secure a line of credit on your securities portfolio and/or your real estate to improve your liquidity position.

PHILANTHROPIC GIVING: We explain the various options for setting up a charitable fund. Manage your family foundation. Refer you to local foundations. Help you join the Board of a charity. And contribute our time, expertise or money to your favorite causes.

CORPORATE RETIREMENT PLANS:  We provide a review and assessment of existing corporate retirement plans, including 401(k) plans, DB plans and Non-Qual plans. We add new features to turbo-charge the tax deferral benefit to the business owner. And we redesign the company matching program to better incentivize employees. We also offer education and enrollment services for participants, 3(21) and 3(38) fiduciary services.

OTHER: Notary Services. Referrals to CPAs, attorneys, real estate brokers, bankers and other professionals. Help with job searches, private banking services, foreign exchange transactions, investment newsletter and economic analysis. Financial education for younger children.

As fiduciaries, we are committed to serving your best interest and will do everything we can to help you reap the rewards of your hard work. To find out what we can do for you, your family and your business, contact us for a personal consultation.

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