Design With Skill

Designing Inclusive and Thriving Communities

Design With Skill is a vertically integrated architecture firm focused on designing and building inclusive environments so that people have opportunities to thrive in their community. The firm imagines a world where everyone has a place they want to live, work, and play; where they are comfortable, feel they belong, and have opportunities. The firm doesn’t believe in one-size fits all. They team explores alternative and innovative approaches to architecture design, development, and construction in order to offer choices. Every partnership they form and every building they work on are driven by their vision for lively, diverse, socially-rich, and inclusive environments.

Design With Skill is privately owned, and Los Angeles based. The firm’s focus is on mixed-use and multifamily projects, targeting assets in communities with a need for affordable and workforce housing. The team’s mission is to create buildings that fit within neighborhoods through thoughtful designs that promote healthy spaces and encourage affordable living for families.

Design With Skill is uniquely structured in today’s landscape of development companies. The founder and CEO, Samantha Hill, is a licensed architect and certified access specialist (CASp). In addition to Design With Skill, she owns and operates Develop With Skill, a real estate development firm specializing in multifamily and mixed-use development. Samantha has created and modeled a unique practice where her companies both design and develop properties, helping to control risk and liability, while creating more cohesive and desirable buildings. She is working to revive the concept of ‘master-builder’ to create better livable environments.



Live | Work | Play | Retail | Commercial | Residential


Modular | Co-Living | Micro-Living | Live/Work | Adaptive Reuse | Multiplex | Podium | Courtyard | Bungalow Court | Townhomes


Affordable | Missing Middle | Market-rate | Rentals | For-Sale


Office | Retail | Hospitality | Art/Cultural | Food & Beverage

Architecture Services:





Disabled Access/CASp

Compliance and Advisory

Item description

Feasibility Analysis

Context and Regulatory Constraints

Project Management


Market Research

Capital Stack Analysis

Equity, Construction, and Permanent Financing Assessments

Lender Relations

Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence

Site Acquisition

Physical, Legal, and Political Constraint Analysis

Cost Assessment

Site Survey, Soils, Phase I, and Title Reports Procurement

Community Engagement

Community and Neighborhood Advocacy

Community Group Management


Concept and Program Design Schematic Design

Design Development

Construction and Permitting Documents



Construction Kick-off
Construction Management
Construction Close-Out

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