Awwdorable Pets

We pamper your four-legged family members. Your pets deserve no less!

Awwdorable Pets is a Latinx-owned business based in South Pasadena offering pet care services including pet sitting, pet feeding, drop-in service, dog walking, and individual, small-dog boarding. With feline and canine family members of our own, we are committed to treating your pet(s) as well as our own.

Established in 2014, Julia started Awwdorable Pets as a business after having served individual families for decades. Currently, Julia is studying animal behavior through the IAABC which includes the forensics of canine aggression, and the foundation of animal behavior consultancy. She is also the first independent pet care business owner in the area to be a Fear Free™️ certified pet sitter and dog walker and certifies her staff. We are always learning and devoted to providing more knowledgeable care through additional training and certifications.

Does your dog need quality care while you’re at work? 

We offer drop-in services like Let Outs to provide your dog(s) the opportunity to go outside in your backyard to relieve themselves during long days when you’re at work. Although dogs can hold their pee (if healthy) for long periods of time, it’s not necessarily good for their health to wait so many hours. Just because they can doesn’t mean that they should. We recommend one to two or more drop-in services during the day if you’re out for 4 or more hours. We double-check on water refills, provide plenty of belly rubs, and positive interactions, and provide play-based activities for your sweet pup(s). We also offer Feed + Walk services too.

Awwdorable Pets provides dog walking services and will work with you to find the right type for your dog from our catalog of services. We take into consideration the dog’s age, personality, medical issues, routine, and emotional well-being to provide enrichment-filled walks. Dog walks are an essential activity for the well-being of your dog, not only because of the exercise but also for his/her mental enhancement. Dog walks help reduce fear, anxiety, and or stress a dog may experience when separated from you. Walks may also help strengthen the dog’s ability to interact with non-family members and provide him/her with loving companionship.

Do you prefer keeping your pet in the comfort of your home while you’re away? 

Awwdorable Pets offers several types of pet-sitting services to match your family’s preferences. We provide enrichment, care, and companionship for your pets while in the comfort of their home and work to reduce any fear, anxiety, or stress they may feel during your absence. Trusted by the local SoCal community, Awwdorable Pets is committed to providing your pet with a calming experience at home. Knowledgeable in sensory-enriched care, Awwdorable Pets engages in sensory-based care like food routines, toy-based play, habitat awareness and change, and cognitive and sensory activities for mental exercise. We purposefully learn about your pet’s habits and routines, personality, and other information during the registration process to provide quality care while you’re away. We don’t cut corners because we know how important it is to get the information that only you know about your pet(s). A professional pet care service business, Awwdorable Pets is committed to covering important details that we need to know about your pets for better care.

Pet Support

Julia works with credentialed Fear Free™️ animal behavior consultants if she identifies pets that may need additional behavioral support to set the pet up for success. We believe in a collaborative approach to pet care and understand that pets may not be ready for services, and we will not force an animal into a service that is too stressful for their well-being. Our first and most important charge is your pet’s well-being, and that is the focus of every visit with your beloved pets. Sensing any kind of behavior concerns, we will immediately bring them to your attention for further support.

We are delighted to chat with you – please visit our website and fill out the form on the Contact Us page and we’ll get in touch with you to learn more about your pet care needs and of course, beloved pets. We absolutely love serving the Awwdorable Pets community and can’t wait to meet you and your pets!

Find them at:

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