ArroyoWest LLC

ArroyoWest LLC is a minority-owned management consulting firm specializing in economic and workforce development. They have particular expertise in small business program development and disaster preparedness/resilience. Their clients include Pasadena City College Economic and Workforce Development, County of Los Angeles Department of Consumer and Business Affairs, The California Academy for Economic Development, Chancellors Office of California Community Colleges, among others.

“We are skilled at matching organizations to funders and program partners. We excel at finding opportunities to expand your work and bringing attention to efforts.”

Jesse Torres, Principal for ArroyoWest LLC, has his own podcast called Hack My Business – available on Apple and Spotify were he and his co-host have important and valuable conversations with guests such as policy makers, economic development agencies, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and more to provide resources and assistance to small businesses to hack their way to success with a special current focus on Covid-19 resources for small businesses who are being impacted.

Find them at:
(818) 486-0425

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