Getting Online! Pop-Up Technology Workshops

Get your business online! It’s one more way to stay connected with your customers.

Has building your own business website felt intimidating at times? Do you feel like you don’t know how to start? Or have you started to build your website and given up? Or do you wish to make it more dynamic? Getting Online! Pop-Up Technology Workshops are intended for Chamber member business owners who want to gain the knowledge and skills to develop a website or gain more knowledge about it when working with a developer. Workshop topics include: web site planning, building, content making and ecommerce technologies.

Technology workshops with technology expert, Julia Moreno Perri.

Julia is an experienced Technology Trainer with over 30 years experience in technology, from website development to digital media content production and editing. She consults with private clients and has worked for companies such as Apple, and Hewlett-Packard. An editor and producer, she has worked in digital media production both with individual clients and for companies like Comcast. Her expertise includes Apple products, digital media production and editing, social media, technical writing, portal set up and administration, POS systems, website development, e-commerce and more. 

Julia’s training philosophy is to empower people with varying levels of familiarity in technology, with knowledge and skills so as to remove the barriers that may keep them from reaching their goals.

Workshop Fees:

All workshops are 1 hour in duration (including Introductions and Wrap Up) and will be open to 4 participants per workshop. The price is $25 per person per workshop but the South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce is helping to cover registration fees for Chamber members, making your cost $12.50.

Workshops are offered for a limited time through the Chamber of Commerce. 

Currently Available Workshops:*

Web Site Fundamentals 101

This 60 minute workshop will cover foundation topics related to setting up your business website. We will describe what is an URL, how to purchase and set up a domain name, setting up administrative rights, discuss a variety of hosting providers, and features within all-in-one software to get you started with your business website.

Workshop Available:

Oct. 19 2:00 PM (Tuesday)
Oct. 20 7:00 PM (Wednesday)
Oct. 22 10:00 AM (Friday)
Oct. 23 11:00 AM (Saturday)

For more dates and a more in depth workshop description:
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Website Building: Adding Details 201

Now that you’ve bought your domain, decided on a hosting service and have selected a software to start building your website, how do you structure it? This 60 minute workshop will cover more topics in depth to building your business website.

Workshop Available:

Oct. 27 7:00 PM (Wednesday)
Oct. 29 10:00 AM (Friday)
Oct. 30 11:00 AM (Saturday)
Nov. 2 2:00 PM (Tuesday)

For more dates and a more in depth workshop description:
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*Keep an eye out for future workshops in Digital Media Content Creation, Instagram for Businesses, Point of Sales System 101 and more. 

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