Business Owners: Save Energy & Earn Money with CPA

Clean Power Alliance’s Power Response Commercial Leaders Program incentivizes participants to actively reduce their energy use during times of higher than seasonally projected energy demand. When CPA Power Response customers adjust their energy use, together they are helping build cleaner and more resilient communities.

Together, CPA Power Response participants can reduce 800,000 kilowatt hours of energy. That is equivalent to taking 100 homes off the grid for a year.

During times of higher than seasonally projected energy demand, Commercial Energy Saving Events will be called. These events can happen up to 15 times per year between 4-9 PM. During this time, participating customers can manually adjust their systems, such as turning off nonessential lights, raising the temperature on the thermostat, or turning off equipment not in use. For those participants who have smart devices, participation is even easier. Smart devices such as thermostats, electrical vehicle chargers, and connected systems, adjust automatically without impacting comfort or affecting your business operations. Incentives will then be calculated monthly based on the actual performance of your business.

CPA will work directly with your business to create a custom plan that works for you. If you want to learn more, fill out an Interest Form today and a CPA representative will follow up within three business days.

  • Incentive rates are seasonal, with participants receiving up to $80/kW each year for power reduced during Commercial Energy Saving Events.
  • Increase your bottom line: The more electricity you save during an event, the more you can earn.
  • Be a commercial clean energy leader and demonstrate your commitment to the community via this tailored energy-saving business strategy.

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