Pretty is Contagious

Pretty is Contagious is an inclusive, integrated shop with the cutest stuff you didn’t know you needed! Their clothing racks do not discriminate. They carry new, vintage, sustainable, and other special pieces in sizes xs-3x. Their stock is unique and cohesive, so you feel like you’re looking through a friend’s closet. Everything in the shop is meant to be fun. They have many local moms and daughters who pop in and not only can they agree on something for once, but they usually both leave with a new find. 

“Facetious candles. Cutting boards that tell people to go home. Ridiculously amazing earrings. The local junior high girls’ favorite bowl of rings. We are eclectic! You will always be surprised by what you can find.”

They’re also a full-on beauty playland with several creatives who perform various beauty services in private rooms. Owner Christina Segura spends her time bouncing between the retail shop in front and creating specialized, one-of-a- kind lash extensions in her private room. 

They’ve been open since August 2020 and have become known for their fun window displays and equally cool products inside. 

We believe in building a strong sense of community, bringing in artists and vendors who align with our values and doing our best to support local nonprofit organizations.  We cannot wait to share the new space with you and hope you will be inspired to share with your friends! Please reach out if you feel you may have a need for our space or are an artist who would like to be a part of our community.”

Find them at:

1017 Mission St
South Pasadena, CA
(626) 818-1724

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