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The firm’s specialties include:

Estate Planning Legal Services

  • CA Probate Court – a stressful and very costly public proceeding that will occur when a person dies without a Living Trust and owns CA real estate valued greater than $150,000 dollars. Execution of only a Will does not prevent CA Probate Court. Gain the satisfaction of protecting your family and estate from CA Probate Court.
  • Execution of a Living Trust ensures those whom you intend and desire to inherit your estate will in fact inherit your estate. Unwanted inheritors is a risk of CA Probate Court.
  • A Living Trust includes a Durable Power of Attorney which is a crucial document that will protect your estate’s financial affairs in lieu of physical and mental incapacity.
  • Protect yourself and shield your estate from personal liability by titling your income producing property to an LLC.
  • A Living Trust includes an Advance Health Care Directive which is a crucial document that will protect and honor your medical desires in lieu of physical and mental incapacity.
  • Acquire capital gains tax advantages through a “Stepped-Up Basis” with the execution of a Living Trust.
  • Does your loved one have special needs? Execution of a Special Needs Trust is vital for disabled persons who might be at risk of losing government benefits if they inherit outright. A “Special Needs Trust” prevents this scenario.
  • Clear Chain of Title on your real estate’s Grant Deed so that real estate can be readily sold by removing a deceased person from the Grant Deed through an Affidavit of Death.
  • If you and your spouse were to pass away suddenly, who would take care of your children? Do not let the state of California decide. A living revocable trust contains a detailed Plan of Guardianship in lieu of this scenario.
  • A Living Trust from the Law Office of Chris C. Clauson includes a Certification of Trust which is a document that helps streamline and makes more efficient the titling and re-titling of estate assets to your trust such as real estate acquisitions, checking & savings accounts, CDs, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, life insurance, etc. A Certification of Trust provides for ready proof of the existence of your trust without having to provide the entire trust to a third party or institution.

Death Administrations

The passing away of a loved one can be a traumatic and overwhelming experience. When a person passes away with a validly executed Living Trust there are many government filings that need to be executed. The Law Office of Chris C. Clauson provides legal services in order to ensure a smooth transition to the successor trustee so that the grieving process is not unnecessarily interrupted.

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