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SPHS Internship Program

Terry Sep 08, 2016
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Arts – Biomedical Science – Business – Computer Science – Engineering
“It’s A Brave Thing To Go and Chase the Thing You Want To Do.”
~Nat Paynter, Director of Water Programs, Charity: Water

Why should businesses consider offering internships to South Pasadena Unified students?
  • The value of having highly skilled and motivated students as part of your workforce for a semester – or more
  • The opportunity to bring new ideas and enthusiasm to your organization
  • The assistance provided by the unpaid high school intern to your permanent staff
  • The chance to share your knowledge with students

What does a quality student internship offer?

  • An introduction to different parts of the organization
  • An opportunity to practice critical thinking, communication, and problem solving skills
  • Clearly defined responsibilities
  • Projects that further a student’s professional development

How does it work?
For the students:

  • Complete two job skills workshops prior to the internship
  • Apply for the SPHS Internship program; fill out required paperwork
  • Sign up for the zero period class through SPHS, worth five course credits
  • Apply for the internship of interest to the student
  • Complete 60 hours of work during a semester (Fall, Spring, or Summer)
  • Learn as much as you can from career experts

For the employer:

  • Create a job description for the internship position
  • Sign a memo of understanding with the South Pasadena Unified School District
  • Interview potential interns and select best candidate for the role
  • Identify an internal coordinator for the intern
  • Share company policies and procedures with intern
  • Establish clear work hours; schedule and monitor hours
  • Offer interns direction and feedback for improvement
  • Communicate regularly with SPHS Career Internship Specialist
  • Complete an internship evaluation

Now Is A Good Time To Start
For more information, contact Andrea Fox, Career Internship Specialist,
afox@spusd.net or 626-390-2730

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